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Sometimes life is subtle.  For example, if you live in the pacific northwest paying attention is important if you enjoy acknowledging the passing of seasons.  I was leaving the Veteran’s Hospital (the awesome place I get to spend my advanced year of training as a Social Worker) this week and as I pulled my rain jacket hood over my eyebrows prepared to walk briskly to my car while looking at my feet in the down pour, I caught a glimpse of the daffodils sprouting up.  I thought, “Hi spring. There you are.”  Before you start to groan, this is not a “stop and smell the flowers post.”  My priority was to get out of the rain, not to stop and look at the daffodils.  No flower is going to get that much of my attention while I’m cold.  However, it helped me remember that the things I enjoy about life, like the changing of our seasons, are often subtle.

With that said, please enjoy this straight out of the bag, no special lenses or lights, 10 minute rough edit of a recent near-spring day in Seattle.   We have some awesome stuff coming out of the can right now – weddings,  our first lifestyle shoot with a family who asked us to create a film honoring their patriarch, and more.  Until we are ready to share the work that is obviously related to our business, here is  something more subtle.


J(amie) Weber


Film(s) Friday // Seattle Wedding Videographer

Being in graduate school, working, and volunteering makes me grateful for my health and my privileged position to have the ability to participate in all of things I love.  This busy life also makes me grateful for Friday.  Not that I am less busy on the weekends these days, but Friday brings me more tolerance for the busy.  So welcome to our first edition of Film(s) Friday.  I hope the fun between this couple works to widen that Friday grin.


J(amie) Weber

Waiting to exhale…

Ok – it is time…  I have been putting this off.  Partly, because I was afraid I would not have the time to fully commit – but, I am done being afraid.  Like I said, “it is time…” to blog!  Why haven’t I started you might ask?  I would answer, it has been very busy at the JWeber household and when I have free time I want to spend it with people or watching Netflix.  You understand, right?

I have been finishing graduate school in Social Work (insert gush here because I love this profession too).  I have also been working on starting up this organization and working with some of the most lovely people I have every met – this group of UW undergraduates.  We continue to volunteer at Decatur High School in Federal Way on Monday nights, Jordan is running our biz by his lonesome while working full-time, and we still manage to squeeze in a date night or two, all while maintaining our sanity… not really (we did not start with any to begin with). Now you know why I titled this post “waiting to exhale.”

Now that I have committed to this blogging business look forward to seeing some of our work and future projects.  Share what you like widely.  Start by enjoying the end of Cassidy and Ellie’s feature.  They were married in Ellie’s family’s airplane hanger. It was a perfect hot August day.  When J(ordan) asked me to give him feedback on his edit all I did was tear up.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


J(aime) Weber


Fox & Fox Wedding


Yes, they have the same last name – they’re that awesome.  On September, 8th 2012 JWeber Films journeyed to Spirit Lake, Idaho (the best little town on earth), birthplace and hometown of Brooke Fox.  From camels in a parade down main street, to some of the most incredible, loving toasts ever given, the Fox & Fox wedding was an remarkable day.  While the details were unique, the most noticeable part of the day was the huge love shared between this awesome couple.  We will never forget sharing their day with them and making friends in the process!



F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r